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PINDECK LIGHTING​ | Bowling Lane Pindeck Lighting Systems

Imagine a Pin Deck Light that can add effects such as Color Chasing, Music or Video Synchronization, and Ambient Colored Lighting that can be produced on single lanes, pairs, or groups of lanes and even across the entire bowling center, while still having the ability to switch to Standard White Light for League Play…
…And, you have just described US Bowling’s Pin Deck Lighting System.

US Bowling’s Pin Deck Lighting System is a unique LED Lighting System that replaces the current fluorescent fixtures in Pinsetters. Its specially designed software also allows for independent lane by lane control.

Effect and Colors

US Bowling’s Pin Deck Lighting System has the ability to produce over 15 million colors and special effects to enhance your bowler’s experience while maintaining the integrity of league bowling in the white light mode. The effects are fully controlled by USB Control box the most versatile and the international standard in LED lighting controls. US Bowling’s Pin Deck Lighting System has the ability of color chasing, music and video synchronization, and ambient colored lighting.

Cost Savings

The US Government has mandated under the Energy Independence & Security Act: that all T12 Florescent lamps may no longer be manufactured after July 2012, and T12 magnetic ballast after July 2010. This means anyone using T12 lamps or ballasts will have to convert to something else.

Why not convert to something that not only saves energy and money but give you the added benefit of enhancing your existing light show.

  • US Bowling’s LED Pit Lights use 4 watts per lane verse 40 watts on the old T-12 fixture.
  • US Bowling’s LED Pit Lights are rated at 50,000 hours of working life, verses 7,000 to 10,000 on the T-12 lamps.
  • US Bowling’s LED Pit Lights includes a hand held remote control, it’s working range is approximately 250 feet.
  • Remote has 15,360 shows available, including 4 favorite buttons.
  • US Bowling’s LED Pit Lights are a center friendly installation.
  • US Bowling’s LED Pit Lights are DMX-512 controller