Bumper & gutter Systems


BANK ON MORE REVENUE with US Bowling’s Z-Bumper Gutter System.

Z-Bump easily integrated with your automatic scoring system, so when the youth (or other bowler who needs a bumper) is up, our programmable bumper will automatically raise!

Expand your customer base with more youth-oriented customer groups and increase revenues with:

Birthday Parties
School Programs
Kids Leagues
Family Events
Special Needs Programs


US Bowling’s Proprietary EZ-LIFT SYSTEM allows your center to:

• Install with any lane system at most depths including 10 Pin, 5 Pin, Duck Pin, Candle Pin and Small Ball Systems.

• Easily adjust Bumper Rails using US Bowling’s Proprietary Adjustable Urethane Stop.


  • Less wear and tear than other bumper systems
  • Years of trouble free operation
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Installs on any truss, crib, or I-Joist foundation system
  • All lanes run off a single air compressor
  • No High Voltage Power running under lanes


When manufacturing the Z-Bumper and Gutter System, US Bowling uses only the very best materials available today. By doing so, US Bowling has created a bowling bumper and bowling gutter system that creates more ball action than any other bumper in the industry, bringing more excitement to your bowling center and customers. This system is a mechanic’s and installer’s dream; you “set it and forget it”, and it is virtually maintenance-free.


Gutters are made in the USA with full 1/4” extruded highly durable ABS, ready to take impact from your balls for years to come.


Pneumatic pistons drive your bumpers up and down for reliable, fail-safe action. Our flexible rails provide the best bump in the biz and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of under-lane repairs or running power under the foundation.


Bring your single division capping to life. Our easy to use Pre-Programmed Controller gives your center the flexibility to choose one of many lighting pattern sequences.

The most durable, reliable and cost-effective bowling bumper system in the industry

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