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Vice President Sales

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National Sales Manager

US Bowling Corporation is the largest independent builder of new Bowling Centers in the United States

More than 27 years ago, Daroll and David Frewing brought their vision for an independent solution for the capital equipment needs of bowling centers everywhere to market. Their goal? A simple one. 

Offer a third option – combine the best equipment from all the manufacturers and package it all under one name and one contract – handled from start to finish.

US Bowling Corporation was formed. Within months, Daroll, already a veteran in the bowling business and his son, David, would acquire massive inventory, perfect the fine art of complete pin setter re-manufacturing and establish a reputation for hosting the best customer service and equipment in the industry. 

US Bowling grew quickly and key personnel joined the ranks to help with the rapid growth and expansion. The Frewing father and son team along with Glenn Keenan, Vice President of Sales, who brings years of industry experience including an accounting background, and Bill Snoberger, our national sales manager, who got his start more than 40 years ago working at the front desk of the renowned Hollywood Star Lanes in Hollywood, CA brought steady growth year after year and acquired new and emerging markets within the bowling industry thanks to a 

dedicated effort of building an international network of sales people, equipment technicians, installation teams and distributors that shared a like-minded vision of innovation and unorthodox bowling concepts.

US Bowling offers the requisite products and services to build new Family Entertainment Centers, Upscale Bowling Lounges or upgrades to existing alleys.  US Bowling has helped push a timeless product to places never before taken.

We have not lost the spirit and philosophy that took root in 1994. Today, we have grown to become the largest independent builder of new centers in the United States and we remain confident that US Bowling Corporation provides the ultimate solution to the bowling needs to upstarts and existing centers everywhere.

We continue to transform the world of bowling one center at a time.

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