Murrey mml-300

Synthetic bowling lanes

USBC Approved

Murrey Bowling Equipment’s MML-3000™ color synthetic lanes are approved for league and world-wide competitions by the United States Bowling Congress.


Whether you’re building a new bowling center or modernizing an existing one, you can rely on Murrey’s MML-3000 Lanes for long-lasting beauty, higher scores, lowered maintenance, bowler-friendly textured approaches, “Boomerang” glow-in-the-dark features and much more! 

As manufactures, our synthetic lane is the right choice, offering over 50 years of solid experience building bowling centers around the world. With over 20,000 lanes installed around the world, US Bowling has developed and perfected the manufacturing and installation process of synthetic lanes for both new construction and for modernizations.  

Add some style and color to your bowling lanes

LOOKING FOR COLOR SYNTHETIC BOWLING LANES? MURREY MML-3000 Synthetic Bowling Lanes come in a variety of different beautiful colors and wood grain finishes. Contact us today for a free quote on color or custom lanes!

The MML-3000 now sets that standard for synthetic bowling lanes in the industry.

  •  5’ Wide Approach Panels
  • Easy-Slide Textured Approach
  • 100% Solid phenolic
  • Wide approach
  • USBC approved
  • Vibrant ”GLOW” pattern
  • Color lanes available
  • Custom lane prints available
  • 5 year manufacture warranty
  • Lifetime warranty against delamination