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Display more revenue generating content with a MediaMask Video Masking Unit

Project your choice of entertainment on our Media Mask Video Masking Units. 

as easy to use as 1,2,3...

Video Masking Units

At US Bowling Corporation, we offer you an array of options when building a new center or modernizing an existing center.
MediaMask gives you the option to buy as many video screens as your budget will allow.

There is no need to buy video screens for every lane. MediaMask is the only masking unit system that gives you the flexibility
of adding video screens in the future.


US Bowling developed a massive video unit that covers FOUR bowling lanes and stands 15-feet tall. This awesome new masking unit ensures your customers will enjoy a tremendous show while they bowl. On the fence? Think Playoffs. Super Bowl. Theme nights. Movie nights. After experiencing our MEGA MediaMask your customers will want to return night after night.

Cinema Aspect Media Mask 256"

The Smart Controller Multi-screen settings make MediaMask easy to control from the front desk. 

Let’s face it, bowling will never go out of style. Bowling centers that invest in new MediaMask systems can now display more revenue generating content than ever before, increasing traffic and staying relevant with sports and entertainment.

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