It's a Fact! US Bowling's 24 Volt String Pinsetters are USBC Approved for Tournament and League Play.

string pinsetter
24 volt

Our String Pinsetter is Energy-Efficient and virtually Maintenance-free

Engineered with focus on the future of the sport of bowling

Ten Reasons to choose our String Pinsetter for your Bowling Pinsetter

String Pinsetter Video

  • Less than 75 moving parts
  • state of the art pin detangling
  • exclusive pneumatic ball door
  • LED interface display and programmable LED multi-color pit lighting
  • Easy training, operation and maintenance
  • 90% reduction in labor, parts and power costs

Josh Johnson

Pro Bowler

Professional bowler Josh Johnson reviews US Bowling’s 24 Volt string pinsetter: “Strike percentages are the same and they fall just the same.”

David Breen


“One of the things I noticed right away is that I had a 20-25 percent reduction in my electric bill with the string machines and new LED lighting.” 

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Discover the power of the USBC approved 24V String Pinsetter by US Bowling Corporation. With advanced 24-volt technology, this innovative pinsetter delivers unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability for your bowling center. Say goodbye to traditional pinsetters and hello to streamlined operations, increased profitability, and an unforgettable bowling experience

Need to update your automatic scoring? Add our PULSE Scoring Entertainment System to your new pinsetters for the most advanced, state-of-the-art, low maintenance bowling combination on the market.

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Pindeck Lighting

Our Pindeck Lighting System comes standard with your 24 Volt String Pinsetter

Coming standard with your 24 volt string pinsetter, our pin deck lighting system features specially designed software that allows for independent lane by lane control.  Lighting effects such as color chasing, music or video synchronization, and ambient colored lighting can be produced on single lanes, pairs, or groups of lanes, and even across the entire bowling center… while still having the ability to switch to standard white light for league play.

Effects and Colors

US Bowling’s Pin Deck lighting system has the ability to produce over 15 million colors and special effects to enhance your bowler’s experience while maintaining the integrity of league bowling in the white light mode. The effects are controlled by a user console, creating simple and versatile LED lighting controls.

Cost Savings

Convert to something that saves money, energy and enhances your existing light show. LED has become the international standard, replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting. US Bowling's Pin Deck Lighting System is a unique LED Lighting System that replaces the current fluorescent fixtures in Pinsetters.

US Bowling's LED Pit Lights

  • use 4 watts per lane vs. 40 watts on the old T-12 fixture.
  • are rated at 50,000 hours of working life, verses 7,000 to 10,000 on the T-12 lamps.
  • includes a hand held remote control with a working range of ~250 feet.
  • Remote has 15,360 shows available, including 4 favorite buttons.
  • use a DMX-512 Controller.

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