“One of the things I noticed right away is that I had a 20-25 percent reduction with the string machines and new LED lighting” 

David Breen


Our String Pinsetter is Energy-Efficient and virtually Maintenance-free

US Bowling has the only string machine control box in the industry that is fully serviceable by your technician—no need to
send it back to the manufacturer for exchange or repair.


Why choose a String Pinsetter for your Bowling Pinsetter? Our 24 Volt String Pinsetter has the following critical features to ensure a quality experience with the bonus of being low-energy and virtually maintenance free:

  • US Bowling’s proprietary detangling software and mechanism doesn’t “Time Out”, which results in fewer service calls to the service desk.
  • The Electrical Box is a Single Phase to Three Phase System that uses a Siemens Converter System. The System eliminates the motor start switches, capacitors and relays. This makes the motors and gearbox essentially maintenance-free.
  • US Bowling’s string machine control box in the only one in the industry that is fully serviceable by your technician. That means there is never a need to send it back to the manufacturer for exchange or repair.
  • We can train your staff in 20 minutes to maintain and service the US Bowling String Machine.  
  • The string pinsetter features heavy duty solid steel back end pit assembly. It uses ¼“ solid steel framing, solid maple cushion plank, solid rubber cushion, heavy duty curtain and shock system to absorb bowling ball and pin impact. The result is years of maintenance-free use.
  • Our strings are Heavy Duty Nylon Cord with a special coating that prevents bowling pin tangling. US Bowling provides a minimum 5 year supply of cord with each String Pinsetter.
  • US Bowling is the only company that uses full 2-1/2” solid birch kickbacks for improved pin action. The result is the same bowling pin action and scorability as a traditional free fall machine.
  • US Bowling provides the longest string machine warranty in the industry at 2 years.
  • Our string pinsetter has the lowest power consumption of any pinsetting machine, saving you money and increasing profitability.
  • The 24 Volt string pinsetter has the ability to set single individual pins.

Professional bowler Josh Johnsons reviews US Bowling’s 24 Volt string pinsetter.

Josh Johnson

Pro Bowler

Order your 24 volt string pinsetter and get it installed by our professional technicians while you sit back and relax. Add our PULSE Scoring Entertainment System for the most advanced, state-of-the-art, low maintenance bowling combination. Get an unprecedented financing offer from Fortune 5 Capital when you order today!

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